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Hello my darlings!!

Well, it looks like another birthday is in the works! And that means oodles and oodles of prezzies, gift cards, checks and the occasional cash donation! (The one benefit of tacking another year on to the old I.D.) And I've got some great ideas for making use of said giftcards and cash - check out this week's Retail Therapy Top Ten for some great fall fashion and beauty ideas!


She She Me

P.S. Check out the Ask She She Blog! This is where She She Girls go to find the latest styles and the hottest trends; where your fashion, beauty and lifestyle questions are answered, and the thoughts, ideas and comments of all She She Girls are encouraged and welcomed! Find out what to wear, what not to wear, what to buy, what to pass by and most importantly, what is hot right now!


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Shoshanna geo sunrise geometric print woven 'Parker' sleeveless top

She She Scene: Make the Most of Summer Styles

What is it about the summer that makes a girl take stock of her life? I mean, most people wait till the end of the year to do that — take a good, long look back and make all sorts of pledges and promises, resolving to give up chocolate or lose that extra 10 pounds, or find true love. But there is just something about mid-summer that gives me a little recharge. Perhaps it's the fact that the year is already half over, even if all I can see right now are long, lazy sunny days and hot summer nights stretching out endlessly before me. Which, of course, gives me ample opportunity to wear my gorgeous new wrap dress and strappy sandals! Not to mention my oh-so-flattering new swimsuit (and adorable cover up, which helps camouflage that pesky extra 10 pounds.)

For the rest of the story check out this week's She She Scene!


Style Scoop: Summertime Style

Short Stuff : The story this year is all about the short. Almost any style works this season. Some of my favorites are cuffed, long, and pleated. Try wearing them with a flowy blouse, casual bracelets, and strappy sandals! Don’t forget to grab an awesome satchel or cross body bag to complete your look. Shorts can look a bit teeny-bopper sometimes, but to avoid that find shorts in great fabrics and cuts. Also, I don’t care how many squats you do, there is no reason why you should wear shorts that leave your bum hanging out.

For the rest of the story check out this week's Style Scoop!

New Romantics Womens FP New Romantics Dashiki Sunrise Short 

Style de Vie: What to Wear on a Summer Date

As many of you would be very surprised to learn, I have been on a bit of a fitness/health kick lately. Normally, I would consider power shopping in skyscrapers while schlepping bags and boxes through the mall as sufficient exercise. (Done regularly and for a sufficient length of time it has always proven quite adequate ) However, now that swimsuit season has arrived I decided it was high time to be a tad more proactive in my quest to tighten and tone, de-sausage and de-jiggle.

Check out the rest of the story in this week's Style de Vie!


Liebeskind - Freya (Lipstick) Handbags 

Sassy Fashionista: Hot Fall Handbags

Oh, is it that time of year already? Well, maybe not, but I feel fine about jumping the gun and turning my thoughts toward all things fall. Don’t you?

I’ve had a busy month, to say the least. Attended a dear friend’s wedding (in hot heels and great dress), met two new tiny babies, took a fab girls' weekend trip to the beach  and finally invested in a pair of über fab sunglasses (beach trips tend to have that affect on me!)

For more great boot styles for fall and winter check out this week's Sassy Fashionista!

Tory Burch Swindon Booties 

Chic Mom: Top 5 Footwear Trends for Fall

1. Penny Loafers – One of the hottest shoe trends of the season, penny loafers are back in a big way! The nostalgic shoe trend offers a sophisticated look paired with comfort. Found in leather (distressed or patent), suede or print, the options for this look are endless!

2. Metallics – Spring 2016 is calling for lustrous shine! Whether it’s head-to-toe technicolor or just a touch of glimmer, this iridescent style is becoming the next closet staple. The best part of this revival? Any color will do! Gold, silver, bronze, technicolor or every trendsetters current favorite – rose gold!



For more great ideas check out this week's Chic Mom!



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