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Hi there darling girls!!

The sun is shining and the skies are a brilliant blue!! Lucky for us there are many many MANY long, lazy days of summer ahead, and it's important that we take advantage of them by looking as gorgeous as possible! Check out this week's newsletter: Top Summer Style & Beauty Tips - filled with great ideas and tips for getting your summer style on!


She She Me

P.S. Check out the Ask She She Blog! This is where She She Girls go to find the latest styles and the hottest trends; where your fashion, beauty and lifestyle questions are answered, and the thoughts, ideas and comments of all She She Girls are encouraged and welcomed! Find out what to wear, what not to wear, what to buy, what to pass by and most importantly, what is hot right now!

Silky Smooth and Gorgeous Hair with KeratinPerfect Duo Kit Keratin Smoothing System!

KeratinPerfect Duo Kit Keratin Smoothing System is sheer perfection!  My unmanageable, frazzled-halo-of-hair was transformed after the very first treatment. Those frizzy little flyaways springing up all over my head?  Gone!  Nothing but smooth-as-silk gorgeous, shiny locks.  And for a fraction of the price of a salon smoothing treatment -- total bonus.  Another benefit is being able to blow-dry my hair in half the time that it used to take.  My morning routine has been completely transformed -- no more wrestling matches with my blow-dryer and round brush -- which means I am leaving the house in half the time and in a much better mood!

KertainPerfect is a proven keratin system with patented Nano-Keratin Technology that delivers long-lasting, salon-quality smoothness.  Unlike chemical treatments, which can damage hair,  KeratinPerfect infuses hair with the highest concentration of pure keratin to improve texture for up to 30 days.The Duo Pack kit contains everything you need to transform your hair in just one treatment.


This kit contains:
  • PerfectPrep Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo
  • At least two treatment applications of ThePerfector Hair Smoothing Treatment 


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 Kate Spade New York - Jeanette (Powder Patent/Black Patent) - Footwear

She She Scene: Shoes to Love 

Wish you had a little crystal ball to tell you what footwear trends to invest in this season? You’re in luck. Shoe maven and President of Footwear for Advanstar Global Leslie Gallin literally scours the globe researching and discovering new shoe brands and trends.  As Leslie preps for yet another stellar showing of the who’s who of footwear at FN PLATFORM at MAGIC MARKET WEEK, she’s sharing some of the top footwear trends to look out for this season. “There’s a real emphasis on comfort with the ‘casual’ category being a big trend this season,” says Leslie. “It’s also nice to see so many shoes with real personality. Designers aren’t playing it safe this season and that’s refreshing!”

For more ideas check out this week's She She Scene!

 Wrap Dress

Style Scoop: Spring Trend Update 2014

My everyday uniform:  A-line skirt and wedge heels. While I absolutely adore Derek Lam's exquisite satin confection, the Boden USA counterpart is more in my spending range (and it has pockets!) We love Carlos Santana's snakeskin wedge or Ralph Lauren sweet espadrilles(Tip: Don't let your top compete with the volume of your skirt.)

My Lazy-Day Ensemble
 - Bermudas are back and better than ever. Pair them with a white tank and flops for shopping, traveling and just about anything else. You'll be very casual-chic. 

For the rest of the story check out this week's Style Scoop!

 Marc by Marc Jacobs - Globetrotter Calamity Rei (Bright Navy) - Bags and Luggage

Sassy Fashionista: It's all in the Bag

Top 10 Handbag Essentials:

Great Wallet. I like my wallets to have separate areas for coins and cash, and organization-friendly pockets for credit cards, business cards and my driver’s license. I also love a wallet in a nice, bright shade so it is easy to find in my handbag. Tip: Keep a couple of clear Band-Aids in your wallet — perfect for when those nasty little blisters appear whenever one is breaking in yet another pair of adorable spring sandals.

Plenty of Green. By “green” I don’t mean money. I can see how you’d think that. I’m talking “green” as in a reusable shopping bag (folds up tiny). I love to have a couple of these little bags handy for trips to the farmer's market, and the occasional sidewalk sale! Okay, and I also mean money.

Chic Shades. Without them I am blinded by the sunlight reflecting off my vampiresque complexion. (If a sexy vampire world really existed I’d be welcomed with open arms.)...

For more great boot styles for fall and winter check out this week's Sassy Fashionista!

 Shoshanna Jillian One Shoulder Bow Dress

Style de Vie: Hot Looks

I don't know about you, but at the end of an overly long crazy/busy day I am more than ready to kick off my sassy stilettos, slide my tired tootsies into a pair of fluffy slippers and relax in something soft and fleecy. After a soothing cup of hot cocoa and a mindless hour of Seinfeld reruns I realize that I have become one with the sofa, and I know that if I don't rouse myself long enough to head down the hall and collapse on my bed I will end up spending the night on the sofa and wake in the morning with drool on the micro suede and a painfully stiff neck.

So I do. Rouse myself I mean. But by the time I drag myself down the hall, remove my makeup, brush my teeth and perform various other acts of gravity defiance and anti-aging remedies , I find myself wide awake with my mind awhirl and absolutely no hope of sleep in the immediate and foreseeable future.

Check out the rest of the story in this week's Style de Vie!

 James Jeans Twiggy 5 Pocket Legging Jeans

Chic Mom: Update Your Style

I had such fabulous plans for my anniversary really I did! I had a babysitter all lined up for the little ones, as well as pizza and a fun movie for them to watch while hubby and I were out to dinner. I had found the perfect dress to wear out on the town, along with a gorgeous pair of skyscrapers, as well as a sweet little handbag for toting all my girly goodies. I had even hit up the stylist for a shampoo, deep condition, blow-dry and style and treated myself to a mani/pedi in this spring's must-have shade. I was looking smokin' haute if I do say so myself.

For more great ideas check out this week's Chic Mom!




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"Somehow (lucky for me) I stumbled upon She She Me and my fashion life has never been the same.  The stories that she tells are done in a fun yet witty style that is most enjoyable to read. I always look forward to the next email from She She Me to catch up on her latest adventures. Sometimes, I can totally picture myself and or my friends in the scenarios that she describes and it brings a smile (smirk) to my face.  It is so easy to picture the clothes, accessories, makeup and lets not forget the shoes, since there is a link right there, how convenient!  She She Me has debunked the fashion world and brought it to the average working woman in a way that can be easily applied to daily life.  The sponsors are all high quality vendors who offer services or products that I use.  I cannot say enough about how fun I think She She Me is!!"  Sincerely Lisa Parker, St Petersburg, FL "I love the fashion trend updates from "She She Me" — from "What to Wear" to "Style Scoop"— they not only keep the working girl informed about what's hot, but also where to actually find the current look."
- Crystal Blaise Sacramento CA"The thing I like most about the She She Me Newsletter is the fashion information! I am always looking for new ideas and I definetly look to the She She Me Newsletter first! Thanks She She Me!" -Ashley Hickok, Mckinney, TX

I just had to reply today and let you know how awesome you are! Every day I look forward to your messages. I relate to every one, laugh my head off, forward them to my friends… and today I cried! When are you coming to Charlotte ?” A she she fan from Charlotte , NC  "I love how She She Me is a quick go-to site where I can see what's new and in style in the fashion realm. I like how the articles have direct links to mentioned items that will take me directly to sites where I can see more and learn more. I have felt that I have been in a fashion timewarp/rut and your website gives me fresh ideas on how to update my style and where to go to find items and ideas to help me do just that. Thanks so much She She Me!" -Amanda Swanson Delano, MN

I like "She She Me" because it’s a fun way to find out about the latest fashion trends.  The commentary is upbeat and clever, and I love using the links in the emails to see pictures of “killer shoes” or a “sassy skirt.”  The website and emails give me an idea of where to shop and what to buy.  It tells me about fun websites too.  She She Me also gives me ideas for outfits—what goes well with what, and what to wear in certain environments.  It also helps organize the millions of clothing items that are online, and only shows me the ones worth actually looking at.   Basically, I like She She Me because it makes me feel girly and it lets me indulge myself and my shopping tendencies.  It’s a great site, and I love being on the mailing list.  -Anne Blackstock-Bernstein, NY, NY


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