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Hello my darlings!

Springtime and love go hand in hand, so what better time to get a handle on your seasonal style than now?

Check out our latest newsletter, Valentine's Day Style & Gift Guide for the best way to put style into your springtime!

Happy shopping darlings!

xoxo, She She Me  


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She She Scene: Retail Therapy Top Ten

  1. Killer kick-asterisk heels. Not only will they add inches to your height but they will definitely boost your confidence. A girl always feels better when her gams are on gorgeous display. This updated cut-out lace-up pump  will positively glam up your skirts and trousers!
  2. Über-chic handbag. Perfect for the up-and-coming stylish urban professional. Or the stylish yet very, very busy mom-on-the-go.
  3. Lingerie to die for. It is a scientifically proven fact (well, it should be anyway) that what a girls wears under her clothing does as much to boost her confidence as the actual ensemble itself. Besides, what girly girl can resist satin, silk and lace?

For the rest of the story check out this week's She She Scene!


Style Scoop: Wardrobe Wakeup Call

t's been a long, hot summer so far and you’ve been living in your summer garb for a while now. Maybe you’re getting a little complacent with your ensembles: jeans and a tee, jeans and a great tank, tank and khaki shorts, polo and denim shorts, and flip flops all around. Ladies, please! We know better than that. We are the sartorial super achievers, and we have reputations to uphold, populations to inspire, rooms full of people to make envious! This is no time to slack off. Summer in general is a chance to spread your showiest feathers, don your brightest pieces, strut your sassy stuff. And you don’t have to work any outerwear into your look!

For the rest of the story check out this week's Style Scoop!

Style de Vie: Top Styles To Wear Now and Into the Fall

I have always been a firm believer in the old adage, "What goes around, comes around," and honestly try to live my life accordingly. I mean, why get your knickers in a twist because someone decides that they are soooo much more important than you and are therefore entitled to jump into your cab while you grapple with luggage, gorgeous spanking new handbag, and cell phone while negotiating madcap rush hour sidewalk traffic in Christian Louboutin and Helmut Lang on a sweltering September afternoon?! Does it make me a bad person because I felt the teeniest little thrill as I watched said cab speed away, bearing said VIP smugly ensconced in rear seat—with the shoulder strap of her to-die-for Alexander McQueen shoulder bag hanging out the door, dragging along the gritty streets? Sheer divine retribution (though I must admit to feeling an honest-to-goodness pang of regret for what once was a most glorious handbag).

Check out the rest of the story in this week's Style de Vie!

Chic Mom: Top 5 Must-Haves for Cold  Weather Style

Tailored Blazer: One of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe! A tailored blazer can dress up a pair of jeans or give an professional edge to a silky dress.

Long Skirt: I am absolutely loving this style for fall, and especially into the holiday season. As much as I adore a shorter skirt with leggings, I really love the femininity of the longer, fuller skirt. Looks great with a cropped jacket, or pair it with a fine cashmere or lightweight sweater. A pair of chic ankle boots completes the look!

For more great styles for sprimg check out this week's Chic Mom!


Sassy Fashionista:Easy Wardrobe Updates for Fall 

Winter Neutrals. Remember when your grandma would tell you that you should never wear whHoliday - candy case - 120 x 60ite after Labor Day? Well, that fashion advice has gone by the wayside, along with "never wear black to a wedding" and "only tramps wear open-toe shoes". I do, however, love the look of warmer neutrals during the fall and winter. Shades from cream and bone to camel and ecru all add a bit more warmth to an ensemble than basic white. You can even add a little neutral spice with saffron, caramel, paprika, cinnamon, earthy brown and deep chocolate hues.

Chunky Knit Sweaters. Not only is this a very classy look for fall, but it is also sensible as well, as it is a very stylish way to keep warm…

For the rest of the story check out this week's Sassy Fashionista!


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"Somehow (lucky for me) I stumbled upon She She Me and my fashion life has never been the same.  The stories that she tells are done in a fun yet witty style that is most enjoyable to read. I always look forward to the next email from She She Me to catch up on her latest adventures. Sometimes, I can totally picture myself and or my friends in the scenarios that she describes and it brings a smile (smirk) to my face.  It is so easy to picture the clothes, accessories, makeup and lets not forget the shoes, since there is a link right there, how convenient!  She She Me has debunked the fashion world and brought it to the average working woman in a way that can be easily applied to daily life.  The sponsors are all high quality vendors who offer services or products that I use.  I cannot say enough about how fun I think She She Me is!!"  Sincerely Lisa Parker, St Petersburg, FL "I love the fashion trend updates from "She She Me" — from "What to Wear" to "Style Scoop"— they not only keep the working girl informed about what's hot, but also where to actually find the current look."
- Crystal Blaise Sacramento CA"The thing I like most about the She She Me Newsletter is the fashion information! I am always looking for new ideas and I definetly look to the She She Me Newsletter first! Thanks She She Me!" -Ashley Hickok, Mckinney, TX

I just had to reply today and let you know how awesome you are! Every day I look forward to your messages. I relate to every one, laugh my head off, forward them to my friends… and today I cried! When are you coming to Charlotte ?” A she she fan from Charlotte , NC  "I love how She She Me is a quick go-to site where I can see what's new and in style in the fashion realm. I like how the articles have direct links to mentioned items that will take me directly to sites where I can see more and learn more. I have felt that I have been in a fashion timewarp/rut and your website gives me fresh ideas on how to update my style and where to go to find items and ideas to help me do just that. Thanks so much She She Me!" -Amanda Swanson Delano, MN

I like "She She Me" because it’s a fun way to find out about the latest fashion trends.  The commentary is upbeat and clever, and I love using the links in the emails to see pictures of “killer shoes” or a “sassy skirt.”  The website and emails give me an idea of where to shop and what to buy.  It tells me about fun websites too.  She She Me also gives me ideas for outfits—what goes well with what, and what to wear in certain environments.  It also helps organize the millions of clothing items that are online, and only shows me the ones worth actually looking at.   Basically, I like She She Me because it makes me feel girly and it lets me indulge myself and my shopping tendencies.  It’s a great site, and I love being on the mailing list.  -Anne Blackstock-Bernstein, NY, NY


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