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Resolutions in Style 2018

Again with the resolutions! Every year it's the same thing: lose a few pounds, trim a few inches, save a few dollars and find true love. And to be perfectly honest, I did accomplish all of those things this past year! Unfortunately for me, when it comes to losing a few pounds and trimming a few inches, it's a bit like losing my car keys—they are only gone temporarily, and they always show up again in the least expected places.

Just this past summer I lost twelve pounds and was feeling very smug and pleased with myself (and looking quite spectacular in my cashmere sail sweater I might add). My skinny jeans (very chic, teensiest bit of stretch) were all fitting a little less snuggly around the derrière and thigh, the ever-dreaded muffin-top had disappeared (unfortunately, along with quite a bit of my bosom) and my upper arms were not flapping in the breeze quite so much, so I looked very delectable in my velvet tank dress at the office party. However, after the requisite gorge-fest that is the holiday season, not to mention the ever present box of cupcakes and tray of iced cookies in the break room, those ten pounds are definitely back in the picture. Except that the sands seem to have shifted a bit. The bosom has not benefited in any way from said weight gain, and my new suede knee boots seem to have gotten very snug in the calf. (Who gains weight in their calves!?) Oh yes, and the muffin-top has reached a completely new dimension (albeit one that can thankfully be kept in check with blessedly amazing wondergarments).

As for saving a few dollars, that is one resolution I have absolutely no trouble with, as it is my life's work to be on the lookout for the most stylish of styles, fashionable of fashions and trendiest of trends, all while staying fiscally responsible and financially solvent. (And it certainly doesn't hurt that my über-chic mentor/boss gets oodles of fabulous swag, of which I am oft times the lucky recipient!) However, as Girly so often reminds me, getting fabulous deals on gorgeous clothing, shoes and accessories doesn't particularly count as saving money. It's the actual depositing of said money into a bank (savings, NOT checking) or investment that counts. So this year's goal AG Jeansis to invest ten percent of my gross earnings. Wait, make that net earnings. Wait, make that after taxes and expenses. (And, of course, for a true fashionista Christian Louboutin and Zac Posen count as expenses, right?)

She She Me's 2018 Wish List:

  • A gorgeous jumper. I just adore the look of a little white tee shirt under a gorgeous jumper. So sleek, so sophisticated, so very Audrey Hepburn! And it's a look that can be glammed up or dressed down, according to need. Slip into a pair of sweet chic flats, add a chunky bangle, toss on a cashmere cardigan and grab a leather hobo and you are ready for lunch in the park. Or you can go totally glam in a pair of suede booties, layered necklaces, a ruffled suede handbag and a great blazer.
  • Feminine jacket. Something with a very vintage feel. Would look fabulous with leather mini.
  • Flattering knit dress. Not too tight—the dress should skim the body, gently hugging the curves for the most flattering look. Pair with opaque tights, chunky sandals and a strappy shoulder bag.
  • Strapless party dress. I know, you're thinking "It's 20° outside!" But layer a tissue tee under or a waist cinching jacket over and you have a whole new look! Still very feminine, but with just the teeniest bit of edge. Add a pair of chunky T-straps and a fabulous bag and you are good to go!
  • New signature fragrance. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue —my current fave! So crisp, so clean, so fresh. Makes me want to run barefoot through a meadow (except that I would probably step on a snail or trip over tree roots and totally mess up my pedicure.)
  • Gorgeous chunky fringed sandals. These will be my go-to shoes for spring. What a way to sass up a sundress or give a little kick to a pair of wide leg trousers! And absolutely killer with a denim mini!
  • Classic bootcut designer jeans. A fit and style that is always in fashion. This season go with a darker wash. Wear with a skinny tank, and top with a gorgeous leather moto jacket. Finish this casual chic look with low-heeled boots, a slouchy handbag and funky accessories.

Goodness! I could just go on and on, but since I have resolved to attempt to put a little money away this year, I had better nip this cyber-shopping-fest in the bud! It never hurts to dream though!

Happy shopping darling girls!

She She Me


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She She Me's Favorite Things

DDF Skincare

The winter months can be tough, but keep your skin soft and youthful with DDF Skincare.

DDF Anti-Aging Sensitive Youthful Tranquility Value Kit ($59.00 at

Ideal for Sensitive Skin Types, these gentle yet effective formulas are perfect for those who experience rashes, irritation or any type of redness from using anti-aging skincare products.


  • DDF® Nourishing Eye Cream .5oz /14 g FULL SIZE
  • DDF® Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew 1.7oz /48 g FULL SIZE
  • DDF® Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel 3 fl. Oz. / 89ml

DDF Anti-Aging Restorative Youthful Value Kit ($89.00 at

Ideal for Deep Lines & Wrinkles and Loss of Elasticity, these powerful advanced formulas are perfect for improved elasticity and a more youthful contoured look.


  1. DDF® Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate .5oz /15 g FULL SIZE
  2. DDF® Wrinkle-Resist Pore Minimizing Serum .5 fl.oz./15ml
  3. DDF® Advanced Firming Cream .5oz /14 g
  4. DDF® Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser 3 fl. Oz. / 89ml


New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2018!

Could your beauty routine use a refresher for 2018? Instead of making resolutions that are almost impossible to keep for more than a couple of days, here are a few that are easy to implement and keep up with, with a little help from brands like ArtisSEVEN haircare,  L’ANZA and Bosley Professional Strength.


Artis Brush Cleaning Starter Set
I won’t even begin to tell you the amount of bacteria that lives in your brushes that you’re not cleaning, but I will tell you that Artis has you covered with a cleaning system that disinfects and keeps your brushes looking and feeling like new!

This set includes the essential Brush Cleaning Pad plus a travel size [50 mL] Brush Cleansing Foam. The Artis Cleaning Pad includes an antimicrobial microfiber cloth held in place over a rigid base; and the cloth has over a million loops per square inch, creating the perfect surface to wipe brushes clean. The Artis Brush Cleansing Foam dispenses as bubbly foam which coats each hair fibre. The formula also cleans and sanitizes without the use of alcohol!


It’s no secret we’re all looking for “healthy” hair, leading us towards becoming more educated on proper hair care, like how many times to shampoo per week, what ingredients we should avoid, etc. We’re also expanding our horizons to masks, pre-shampoo treatments, scalp exfoliants, etc. After all, your skincare routine has multiple steps, so why shouldn’t your hair? Consider this a reminder that the skin on your scalp is just as important as the skin on your face, and you can ease into a more well-rounded routine with the below products from SEVEN haircare and Bosley Professional Strength:

Strong hair and nails start with good health. The SATARA OPTI formula fuses biotin with a proprietary blend of botanicals designed to fortify nails and support the growth of healthy, full, naturally radiant hair.
Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer
Protects and repairs the hair follicle while helping to support healthy hair function in areas of low density such as the hairline or areas where mechanical damage (hair breakage due to stress from braiding, pony tails, extensions) has occurred. LifeXtend Complex hydrates and nourishes while strengthening and fortifying the follicles and hair shaft for thicker, fuller-looking hair.


L’ANZA Healing Style AirPaste (Launching January 2018; $24; Visit for authorized salon locations)
Spray to Play! Introducing the newest innovation to the styling world that’s never been seen before: a next-generation hairspray that’s part spray and part paste. With revolutionary air technology, L’ANZA’s AirPaste is the first sprayable styling paste.

· Tenacious Texture – redefines 3-in-1 texture, body and definition in one blast of major performance

Bodacious Body – maintains pliable support and bountiful fullness
Decisive Definition – great for layering, won’t build-up, great with curling irons and controls flyaways while calming frizz
Immense Grip – strong grip sustains sexy, tousled looks with clean, wearable feel

Dermalogica's NEW Launches Are
Perfect For Winter Skin

2018 is here and it welcomed us with bone chilling, freezing temperatures. While it’s easy to bundle up in a hat and gloves, protecting your face from the cold is a lot more difficult. Blustery winds and icy temperatures deplete skin’s natural defenses and reduce moisture levels, thus leading to red, dry and irritated skin – no matter if your skin is “sensitive” or not.

While your skin might not suffer from chronic sensitivity, everyone can experience sensitized skin. Harsh weather, stress, pollution, and poor diet are some contributing factors, making it tough to avoid. Dermalogica, the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand, is launching the must-have winter skin solutions to treat irritation, redness and dehydration.

Each NEW product combines the best of nature’s botanical extracts with innovation from The International Dermal Institute to not only powerfully soothe skin, but defend against future flare ups, so no matter how often sensitivity is experienced, users can proactively protect their skin.

  NEW! Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster: A powerfully-gentle oil-based booster that calms, nourishes and helps restore sensitive skin. Nourishing Triple Defense Complex works to rapidly restore the skin barrier when compromised, relieve dryness for up to 24 hours, and maintain barrier integrity against future irritation. Use prior to or mix in with your moisturizer for UltraCalming benefits.
  NEW! Dermalogica Calm Water Gel: A weightless, gel-water moisturizer that hydrates, soothes and calms skin. Dual Hyaluronic Acid technology works above and below the skin's surface to increase and lock in moisture. Apple Fruit Extract and Glycerin hydrate and soften skin while defending it against dryness. Cactus Flower Extract soothes sensitivity and imparts exceptional water-binding properties to help support healthy moisture balance.

New Year, New You with John Frieda Hair Care

This 2018, revamp your hair color, tame your frizz and add some volume with John Frieda Hair Care’s launches.

John Frieda Hair Care Luxurious Volume Core
Restore Shampoo and Conditioner 

Transform your hair from the inside out with this innovative duo that restores volume and vitality to limp, lifeless locks. Luxurious Volume Core RestoreShampoo contains a proprietary strengthening technology and volume creation polymer technology for a cleanse that builds instead of strips, taking hair from fine to full. The Luxurious Volume Core Restore Conditioner uses innovative clear technology that’s free of heavy ingredients that often weigh fine hair down. The clear formula conditioner provides dual-action by providing weightless detangling and conditioning that fine hair needs while adding the right amount of strength to create volume.

John Frieda Hair Care Radiant Red
Red Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner

A new colour-boosting shampoo and conditioner that brings out the best in your red, whether it’s natural or from the bottle. The non-colour depositing shampoo gently protects, preserves and enhances red tones while cleansing, while the conditioner replenishes red shades and seals in moisture. With every use, they leave you red rich and radiant.


John Frieda Hair Care Frizz Ease Collection 

Check out the new statement making look for John Frieda Hair Care’s classic Frizz Ease collection.

The iconic purple that has accented the products for years will now be the primary focus, making this collection of frizz-fighters bolder and brighter than ever.

Sally Hansen- Ultra Cool in Ultra Violet!

The Pantone Color of the year for 2018 has been announced and the gorgeous shade of ultra violet is sure to be a stunner in all areas of beauty! Launching in January 2018 from Sally Hansen Color Therapy Shade Plum Euphoria which is destined to be the hottest of the ultra violet shades this year. The perfect shade to perk up your winter weary mani/pedi!


Gorgeous Hand Made Jewelry from
The Silver Loft

Welcome to The Silver Loft! Affordable keepsakes in modern styles! Jewelry here is designed not only for wearing, but to spark a special memory and even show off those people and things that you love the very most. Isn't it fun to be able to help create something? We make jewelry that can be ordered with your preference of color, initial and many special touches to make it just right. We make jewelry that is inspired by YOU!

Please follow us @thesilverloft on Instagram for amazing sales and promos!


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