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Hot Products for Uncommon Goods

Fat Cat Glasses (added on January 2, 2007)

This set of 4 cat tumblers is the cat's meow! The tumbler set includes one each of four distinct cat moments you're sure to recognize. First you got Bad Cat - your kitty is feeling naughty so she shows you who's the boss by scratching the sofa and burying the remote control in her litter box. Then there's Sweetface Cat - you know that look your cat gives you right before you feed her. Next is Belly Cat - you go to scratch your kitty on his head but no, that's not good enough, he plops on his back and raises his legs in the air producing a big belly for you to scratch. Last is Singing Cat - for no reason whatsoever your American Idol wannabe kitty decides to serenade you a cappella - in the middle of the night. This set of four tumblers is sure to get you smitten like a kitten and make you purr with delight! Made in the USA

Price: $35.00
Forever Diamond Dust Necklace (added on January 2, 2007)

This diamond dust necklace from LeeAnn Herreid mesmerizes children and adults alike as its gorgeous chartreuse octahedrons sparkle and shine with every movement. The sterling silver pendant holds five karats of industrial diamond dust set behind a mineral quartz crystal. Handmade in Rhode Island.

Price: $180.00
Pink Heart Vase (added on January 2, 2007)

Home is where the heart is. It can be a fabulous place for these softly translucent pink heart vases, too. Pick this romantic creation - known as the "I Love You" vase - for someone special, or set it in your own home to add romance to any room. Imported.

Price: $28.00
SEA GLASS BRACELET - EARTH TONES (added on September 25, 2006)

Created from glass vessels that have been swept away by the ocean and then broken, tumbled and washed smooth by the action of sand, waves, and currents, this dazzling bracelet is recycling at its most fashionable. Sea glass artist Jessica Lee creates this unique jewelry using nature-created, earth tone-colored sea gems that capture the romance and allure of the beach. Each piece is hand bezeled in sterling silver. Handmade in Bali, hand finished in California.

Price: $80.00
Two Tone Tea Cups (added on September 25, 2006)

Name your beverage and these high gloss, two-tone ceramic cups are ready to serve. Simple shapes and mix-and-match vivid hues make for a colorful table when you choose an assortment. Sold as a set of six cups and saucers. Made in Italy. Dishwasher and microwave safe. $60.00

Price: $60.00
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